• Yet Another Blog Hosting Change

    Only a few months ago, I decided to switch my personal blog (which isn’t maintained very well)
    from a privately hosted Wordpress installation on a server in my basement to Tumblr. There
    were a lot of reasons for this but the biggest was, I’m not very interested in maintaining that
    server anymore.

  • Grails-Gradle Plugin 2.0.0 Released

    I am happy to announce that the 2.0.0 release for the Grails-Gradle plugin has finally been released.

  • Reproducible Multi-Project Gradle Builds (Part 2)

    Follow up to my previous post - Reproducible Multi-Project Gradle builds

  • Reproducible Multi-Project Gradle Builds

    Lately I’ve been working on a way to create a reproducible build of my application source using Gradle. And by reproducible, I mean, when I run the md5 or sha256 checksum on the resulting files, I get the same results.

  • Creating Self-contained, Executable Jars With Gradle and Shadow 

  • Change of Heart...

    As I was adding a new post today, I noticed an old post of mine that I had migrated from my old blog to this one about using IntelliJ and comparing it with STS. It’s a little over 2 years old and in it I make the statement “STS which is based on Eclipse, which I consider to be the premier Java IDE”;.

  • Profiling Grails Applications With VisualVM 

  • Recovering From Merge Errors in Mercurial With Sub-Repositories and Named Branches 

  • New Blog. Hooray

    So I’ve decided to switch my blog over from a Wordpress sited hosted on a server in my basement to Tumblr. I don’t blog that much, but I want to do more and I don’t really want the responsibility of maintaining the server. Also, I want to keep my technical posts and my more mundane posts separate.

  • Contributing to Grails-Core With IntelliJ IDEA 11

    I’ve recently started to work on contributing patches to the Grails Framework project. I’ve been lucky enough to be working for a client that is ok with using the latest versions of Grails for its back-end applications, so I’ve been able to play around a lot with Grails 2.0.0 since it’s release at the end of last year. However, this has resulted in me encountering a number of unexpected/irritating bugs that have sometimes prevented code from being migrated “as-is”. So, I’ve decided to try and learn and contribute back by working on some bugs myself.

  • [Updated] Eclipse STS vs IntelliJ IDEA for Grails Development

    So, I have become increasingly frustrated with IntelliJ for doing Grails development. I know. Everyone swears by it being “THE” IDE for Grails work, but I just can’t get on that boat. Not only do I find the UI a total cluster-fuck and it nearly impossible to find the information that I want on the screen when I want it, but it is also a serious resource hog.</p>

  • IntelliJ 10 Tuning

    I’ve recently switched over to using IntelliJ IDEA for doing Groovy/Grails development. It’s been a couple weeks and after 6 years of using Eclipse, I’m still feeling the pain a bit.

  • GoDaddy DNS & Wordpress Multisite

    Tonight, I decided to setup a multisite configuration for my Wordpress installation (which you are reading right now). My sister is involved in marketing and advertising and wanted to start her own blog. I figured this was a good opportunity to play with the server some more.

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