Only a few months ago, I decided to switch my personal blog (which isn’t maintained very well)
from a privately hosted Wordpress installation on a server in my basement to Tumblr. There
were a lot of reasons for this but the biggest was, I’m not very interested in maintaining that
server anymore.

Tumblr has ben ok. But I’ve found that, I don’t like any blogging platform where I have to link
to an external page to get source code included in the blog post (lame/too much effort). The
obvious choice to correct this was to use something based on Markdown so I can write code
inline. And that inevitably led me to using Github Pages.

That’s all well and good, but Github Pages doesn’t provided any type of default scheming, you
are responsible for everything. That’s cool if you’re into that kind of stuff, but CSS and
skinning has never been a strong suite of mine. So, I needed something with some generic, yet
good looking templates. In comes Octopress.

I’m just starting to learn the ropes here, so I’ll be doing a lot to play with this platform
before finally switching the DNS record over, but so far I’m happy.

More to come!