The Bullseye company is soliciting bids to design and develop and autonomous aerial delivery system to help is compete with the large online retailer, Nile. The delivery system is intended to allow shoppers to order items online up to the maximum weight and size constraints of the system and have them delivered to a customer door in under 1 hour.


The scope of this proposal is for the drone and carrier system and any necessary infrastructure for identifying the correct customer site, landing the carrier drone, and safely delivering the order products. It does not include support or maintenance system for drone operations. The drone system shall be capable of delivering a collection of items not to exceed 5 pounds of combined weight. The system shall not require human intervention to the complete the delivery process. Specifically, the system shall be capable of landing, releasing the package, and lifting off without an external action.

The delivery system shall be capable of achieving a minimum 15 mile total range for a delivery. The system shall adhere to all applicable FAA regulations regarding drone operations and flight. The system shall provide a mechanism to identify a safe landing zone which may include customer interaction to establish. Additionally, the system shall be capable of identifying any obstructions that may prevent successful and safe delivery. At all times, the system shall consider safety as the primary concern during operations.

The maximum package dimensions for a delivery are variable and determined by the selected drone flight package. The system must maximum the potential delivery capacity.

The system shall be capable of communicating to the customer that the delivery has begun and provide a real-time estimate time to arrival of the delivery system to the customer’s location. The system shall adhere to all applicable FCC regulations for communications to the home base or to the customer. There is no requirement for direct communication from the drone to the customer.